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The use of bamboo dates back over 5000 years, ancient Chinese culture used it for everything from arrowheads to weaving, paper and construction. Solid bamboo floors are synonymous with elegance and luxury. Its undeniable beauty exudes a natural warmth and ambience that enhances and completes most decor styles. Solid bamboo flooring is cut from a continuous piece of bamboo and is available in both strips and planks.

It has a hardness rating comparable to most hardwoods and has extra credo for its sustainability and eco appeal. Beauty combined with long lasting durability makes it both practical and aesthetically pleasing. We’ve secured availability from all the major Bamboo Floor brands, acquiring exclusive product ranges from merchants around the globe. Expect subtle shading in a variety of colours, attractive grain patterning and dependability.

Bamboo is replacing some of the demand for hardwoods contributing to forest preservation. It’s also an efficient oxygen producer and contributes to alleviating planetary challenges – an excellent choice for those with eco concerns and aesthetic sensibility.


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