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Our Services

MJ Flooring and Decorating is a family business, based in Cape Town, South Africa. Frank, his wife Barbara and two sons Martin and Warren have combined their many skills into a flooring business with a real heart. They’ve been going strong for 18 years and have put new flooring into many different buildings, from Colleges and Corporations like Bishop’s, Reddam, Wynberg Boys and Pam Golding, to luxurious grand castles and tiny budget apartments. They’ve even done an elevator floor. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a building contract for multiple homes or a student needing a few square metres, the same amount of care, attention to detail and service is applied. The family pride themselves on their absolute adherence to time. “People are always amazed when we arrive exactly on time, every time,” says Frank. “It’s feels as though, because you’re in the building industry, no one expects you to arrive.”

Because flooring is generally at the end of a project, many of our customers arrive with frazzled nerves feeling that everyone has let them down. It’s so fulfilling for us when our clients feel safe and well looked after.

Putting a whole lot of ethics, integrity, personal attention and passion into the business is made possible by having a family business. “We get to keep our standards incredibly high, because we all have a common goal.” When it comes to staff, we’re amazingly strict about how we operate on site. None of our guys are allowed to smoke, and we pride ourselves on cleaning and clearing every inch of the space we’ve been in. Years and years of experience have given us an insight into the sensibility of a space and we feel totally confident to guide our customers into solutions they’re going to love forever.
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We have a strong belief in supporting individuals and put a great deal of training and support into staff members. We also donate a percentage of our income towards helping communities and will provide flooring materials for community projects wherever we can.
Many of our products have stringent green standards and earth-friendly ethics. There has been an incredible move towards eco awareness in the building arena and products like recycled underlay using plastic bottles is just one of the innovations coming forward. Ask us about using green friendly options.
Increasingly, we have clients with challenges around allergies. We have products that are non-irritant and safe for allergy prone individuals. Speak to us about the specific needs you have and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. 

We specialise in sourcing, measuring, fitting, preparing surfaces and maintaining a wide range of flooring solutions.

Our services extend to individual homeowners with anything from a tiny flat or huge mansion; building contractors with multiple projects; corporate projects; schools, estates and more.

We have everything from:

  • Traditional flooring options to laminates
  • Solid wood
  • Vinyl
  • Carpeting
  • Bamboo
  • Waterless Grass